Face Yoga Courses: 9 Amazing Ones You Need to Know About

Interested in face yoga courseS but don’t know where to start? I’ve found 9 face yoga courses that stood out from the rest.

face yoga courses

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As I entered my 40s, I found my face begin to change/age, rapidly: deeper and more wrinkles, sag in my skin, less definition and tone in my jaw and cheeks, and melasma galore.

I’m not sure if the changes are mostly hormonal, stress-related, or from the impacts of living in toxic mold for years. Whatever the reason, I have now, more than ever felt motivated to take a deep dive into skin care (the natural way) and in my research, I discovered the world of facial yoga and the various face yoga courses available. 

Face yoga is a totally non-toxic form of skincare that helps tighten and tone muscles of the face and skin through face exercises and often facial massage is included in the face yoga routines.

Face yoga is a great way to lessen wrinkles and reverse the signs of aging for those wanting the benefits of Botox or fillers but without the toxins or pain.

Of course, the results are anything other than immediate. Dermatologists and skin experts often tout face yoga as a pipe dream but with thousands upon thousands of convincing before and afters circulating the internet from face yoga course students I believe this non-toxic skincare tool should be considered. 

Face yoga is designed to target the facial muscles, helping to tone and strengthen them for a more youthful appearance. 

Each of these face yoga courses is designed to be completed at your own time, at your own pace, allowing you to fit them into your busy schedule seamlessly.

Whether you have a few minutes in the morning or some time in the evening, these courses are structured to be flexible and accommodating to your individual routine.

This post is all about the best face yoga courses for people that want to improve their facial structure and reverse the signs of aging. 

Best Face Yoga Courses (in no particular order)

1. Face Yoga Method

face yoga classes online
face yoga classes online

Images used with permission from faceyogamethod.com

Face Yoga Method has its stuff together. Fumiko Takatsu is the genius behind the Face Yoga Method. She has several other certified face yoga teachers who facilitate courses as well.

You can find her free online facial yoga content on almost any social media platform, including YouTube but if you’re like me, you just want a program to tell you what to do, when to do it, and how long to do it. I will note that Fumiko is one of the teachers in this lineup that is a front-runner in the Face Yoga world.

Fumiko is a face yoga expert who has published many books and courses and certifies others to also become Face Yoga instructors. She has a few short beginner courses and then an all inclusive membership for those who want to do a deep dive and not lose interest. Here’s the breakdown when it comes to Face Yoga Method’s face yoga courses:

  • The Mastery Membership includes access to ALL of her online courses. There are quite a few- you’re getting much more content than any other option mentioned. It also includes monthly LIVE masterclasses with Fumiko, 12 LIVE Face Yoga Classes on Zoom with a Certified Coach (there appears to be 3-5 other coaches besides Fumiko), access to LIVE Q&As, and online support community with other mastery members!
  • The Foundations Course includes 6 mini-classes and a 30-minute face yoga routine.
  • The 5 Day Challenge happens once a month and includes 5 LIVE sessions/lessons. 
  • What you are paying for is a LOT of knowledge and professionalism. No stone is left unturned with these options. 
  • The courses are online (as opposed to an itunes app) and video based (with support downloads.
  • Lots of bonus downloads included in the Mastery Membership.
  • It makes a lot of sense to start with one of the small courses at such a low cost and then if you love it, invest in the Mastery Membership for a few months. 
  • Instructors speak English.
  • She is very big on educating about facial anatomy.
  • $57/month or $570/year  OR $19 for the Mini Course




2. All You Can Face

face yoga courses
face yoga course
face yoga courses online

Images used with permission from All You Can Face.

I’m not going to lie, All You Can Face has got it going on when it comes to cutting edge tech, an on-trend vibe, and a darling instructor in Anastasia. Her Instagram is definitely one to follow.

The app has some incredible features like a before and after progress slider where it takes a before picture you upload and places it next to a progress picture you upload and you can slide a slider back and forth to see your progress.

This face yoga course is an app you can purchase through i-tunes or the Google Play app.

  • Semi-customized program, based on your answers to a questionnaire.
  • Before and After progress feature.
  • Includes daily face yoga practice lesson with 10 minutes worth of exercises.
  • Every 24 hours a new set of videos released. 
  • 10 minutes worth of exercises are done 2x a day.  
  • The instructor, Anastasia has very good English.
  • App includes support articles and videos to dive deeper into the areas of skincare, health, and of course facial yoga. 
  • Claim to be responsive to questions you can ask within the app. 
  • This is the course for busy women and men who like things to be on trend and also straightforward and uncomplicated. 
  • Good balance of exercises with face massage.
  • Membership/re-occuring charge model
  • $7.99 weekly OR $24.99 monthly OR $249.99 yearly



3. Koko Face Yoga

facial yoga course
facial yoga
facial yoga

Images used with permission from Koko Face Yoga.

The first thing I noticed about Koko Face Yoga is that the vibe was a lot more spunky and fun than the other super trainer options or face yoga courses.

There are video clips and marketing showing all of the media appearances Koko has made as well as name drops of celebrities like the Kardashians that she has taught face yoga to.

There’s an app, 2 small courses, certification for instructors, and online program or in-person instruction. 

  • Two “On-Demand” courses are available: “Get Daily Course” and “Get Face Adjustment”. The “Get Daily Course” is a week long. It does not mention if these courses are video based but I would assume so. The price for each of these is $29.99.
  • The App listing in the App Store is:  “KYF”. There is a cool feature on the app that shows you how symmetrical your face is.  The cost for the app is $9.99/month.
  • The “Sessions” are where I would guess Koko really shines. They are $350 for a 50-minute online zoom session or $400 if you live in Newport Beach, CA for an in-person 50-minute session. Albeit, a session isn’t a face yoga course per se but I wanted to mention it. 


4. Super face

face yoga program
face yoga program
face yoga program

Images used with permission from Super Face.

The appeal to this face yoga course is honestly the instructor… she’s in her 40s and her face is more toned and wrinkle free than mine was as a 13 year old.

She comes off as very confident and organized and an authority in the field. I liked the straightforwardness of the content. The instructor does not believe in facial massage as an efficient form of facial yoga.

Most of the other programs include a lot of massage so this sets this course apart. She says that massage is a temporary fix and can spread bacteria or redness for people who struggle with those issues while the exercises lead to more long-term changes. 

  • Whereas some of these programs are touting that you only need to practice 3-5 minutes a day, Super Face’s daily exercises take a little longer and are done 2X a day. Honestly, I can’t imagine anything that only takes 5 minutes a day working.
  • This face yoga program feels like an app but it is on a website that you can access from your computer or phone. 
  • You submit a before and an after photo and at the end, an instructor gives feedback on what you should work on.
  • There are several homework assignments with feedback from an instructor.
  • The videos have an AI English voice-over. 
  • The facial yoga video course is 21 days long and consists of concise daily videos.
  • You don’t need any tools and there is no massage- just exercises.
  • The videos show you common mistakes.
  • I have seen this course offered for $29.99 through an Instagram link. The link below obviously says $37.90, so either I found a sale or there are different prices out there. 


5. Karina more: Kmarathon Face Yoga Course

face yoga workshop
face yoga workshop
face yoga workshop

Images used with permission from Karina Moore

Karina has 2 “Marathon” courses. I am not super clear on the difference in the two but my guess is that you should start with “1” and then move to “2”- just a guess.

Additionally, there is also a lymphatic drainage course and one on cupping and gua-sha. Karina is very holistic in her approach- you get a little of a lot of different complementary techniques and practices.

I personally wish she would bundle all of these together so I didn’t have to think about where to start. Overall, I think Karina has it going on. At such low prices there really is very little risk.

  • Karina More offers the following online face yoga courses: Marathon 1.0, Marathon 2.0, Lymphatic Drainage, Gua Sha Challenge, and Face Cupping. The Two Marathon courses are the ones I would consider actual face yoga courses but the other options are so complementary that I wanted to mention them here as well.
  • Karina refers to the exercises as “facial gymnastics” instead of “facial yoga”.
  • Courses consist of a set of online video tutorials.
  • You need 15-20 minutes a day to do daily exercises. 
  • 21 days worth of lessons.
  • Karina More’s social media shows a lot of facial massage but it is very hard to tell if her Marathon courses include a lot of massage or are all or mostly exercises. 
  • $17.89 for 1 year of access or $32 for lifetime access to either Marathon 1.0 or 2.0


6. luvly APP

face yoga app
face yoga app
face yoga app

Images used with permission from Luvly App

The Luvly App is the first on this list of face yoga courses that doesn’t have a singular standout personality in their marketing. It definitely has a more generic feel; however, not in a bad way.

The good to this is that this app is likely going to have more support and updates, more money behind it, and a more comprehensive library. The negative to this is that there might be less of a personal feel and there could possibly be less personal feedback. 

  • To begin, you take a quiz to get started on this app & they make a plan based on your goals.
  • 4.4 out of 5 reviews in the Apple App Store. Albeit, there are tons of positive reviews but the negative reviews were mainly about all of the in-app upgrades and purchases.
  • Includes: Facial fitness and yoga, skincare routines, breathing and meditation, personalized meal plans, and guided self-massage
  • The quiz you take creates a daily program for you that consists of things like breathing exercises, facial massages to do for the day, and the day’s facial exercises. 
  • Each day you can log how your skin is feeling and if you have any concerns. 
  • Points system where you gain points by training your different areas of concern/focus areas.
  • The app uses augmented reality to scan your face as you do the exercises and it gives you feedback/coaching as you go. Um… love that!
  • 3 months without trial: $29.99, 1 year without trial $49.99, 1 week with 14 day trial: $5.99, 1 month with 3-day trial: $19.99 



7. Glowbe – Face Yoga & Massage Course

face yoga app
face yoga app
face yoga app

Images used with permission from GlowBe App

This is a very balanced option as you look to start your first face yoga program. The program is contained in an app that can be purchased through the Apple App store or Google Play store.

Their approach is that some areas of the face need to be toned through face yoga exercises and other areas need to be relaxed through massage.

This makes so much sense to me! I wish they had an in between payment option for $10/month- that would make this the perfect virtually risk free face yoga app. 

  • 2.2k ratings in the Apple App store at 4.5 stars- that’s not bad at all!
  • The app offers personalized courses with daily assignments, 28 day challenges, and other tips and articles.
  • The app claims you need only 7 minutes a day to do their exercises.
  • Additionally, the app also focuses on hair care and lowering stress.
  • Clean and organized platform that keeps what to do each day simple and efficient.
  • Free trial available.
  • 1 year for $59.99  or 1 month for $19.99



8. Top Face Yoga Course

face yoga courses online
face yoga courses online
face yoga courses online

Images used with permission from Top Face

This face yoga course looks really good. I like the courses that have a personality behind the course because you can feel that they are very serious about what they do and getting people results.

The face yoga instructor, Anastasia is a certified face yoga teacher with 7 years of experience, a lot of impressive before and afters and the claim of 30,000 students. 

  • The course consists of 1 month’s worth of lessons but you get lifetime access when you purchase the course.
  • The course is in an online mobile app, similar to the Super Face set-up.
  • There is homework that a pro instructor reviews.
  • 24/7 helpline. 
  • There is an English (not AI) voice-over on instruction videos.
  • Includes facial yoga exercises and lymphatic massage instructions.
  • $24


9. Daily om: Anti-Aging Face Yoga Course by, Danielle Collins

face yoga courses online
face yoga courses online
face yoga courses online

Images used with permission from Daily Om

Danielle Collins was a big name that came up in my research about face yoga programs but it seemed that almost all of what she offered was geared towards people wanting to become instructors for face yoga and not us plebeians.  

When I came upon a course offered by her on the Daily Om website I thought this might be the perfect beginner’s face yoga course.

I like that the course is offered through a dependable platform and that it was taught by a true expert in the field. I also love that they have a sliding scale for payment. 

  • Offered through Daily Om, a website that offers all sorts of wellness-based courses. It’s a place where wellness professionals can create a course and Daily Om will clean it up, market it, and take care of the business side. 
  • This course claims to use “a holistic practice that uses exercises, massage, acupressure, and relaxation to help activate collagen production and face muscles tone in your face”.
  • 21 Day Course
  • Videos & photos are used as teaching devices.
  • Access to a private online community.
  • Lifetime access
  • She also has a Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method
  • You choose what you pay: $19, $35, $55


EDIT: Anastasia Beauty Fascia

Right now it doesn’t seem like there is a face yoga course available from Anastasia of Anastasia Beauty Fascia but since writing this article she has become my favorite person to follow on Instagram for face yoga and facial massage.

She definitely knows her stuff and is very passionate.

I highly suggest following her and maybe signing up for her wait list for her course… I wish I had more info on the course but since it’s not open right now there’s no exact info on what it offers.


Just how non-toxic are these face yoga programs? All of them are ABSOLUTELY non-toxic and use a holistic approach for beauty and skincare and would be an excellent choice.

We can’t expect for everything we do or choose to be absolutely non-toxic but it’s amazing when the stars align and we can find amazing products and ways of living that are both non-toxic AND effective.

The most important thing, if you want the best results is to just commit to the face yoga courses you decide on and practice the face yoga poses daily. 

I don’t want to bias anyone’s decision on what face yoga course they might start with but as I am updating this post I wanted to include that as of now I have completed the Super Face Course and also a 7 day free pass into the Face Yoga Method.

I thought Super Face was terrific for the price- a bit weird with the AI voice over but I still do the exercises daily.

The Face Yoga Method on the other hand is really expensive and I didn’t love it at all.

Here’s a review video I did of the Super Face Course:

This post was all about 9 amazing face yoga courses for you to try. 

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