Where better is better than stressed!

At Lowtoxish, we promote a balanced life that includes aesthetics, function, budget, and health. We prioritize non-toxic living but don’t stress about perfection. Whether you’re looking to create a healthy AND beautiful home, enhance your natural beauty, or improve your overall health, we’re here to help.

A little about Ash, the creator of Lowtoxish:

Ash’s journey to creating Lowtoxish was fueled by her son’s struggle with PANS, a disease that took five years to diagnose and treat. After trying every natural and traditional treatment and diet, Ash had their house tested for mold and discovered that it was the root cause of her son’s illness. This realization made her aware of the lack of balance in the non-toxic world and the need for a resource and community where people can aim to live a lowtox life without being so snotty about it. Ash’s passion for home decor/diy and beauty also led her to create a space where people can learn simple ways to create gorgeous homes and beauty routines without having to choose between health or aesthetics. Lowtoxish is all about sharing knowledge, trying new things, and giving people the freedom to make decisions that work for them.

  • Mama bear of 5
  • Loves the taste of coffee but can’t handle caffeine
  • Foodie with food allergies
  • Animal lover
  • Enneagram 7
  • Prefers lists to paragraphs
  • Expert at getting hotel deals
  • Hates raisins & the color orange (unless it’s burnt orange/pumpkin)