Gluten and Inflammation Research: A List of Studies, Research, and Facts

This post is about gluten and inflammation research. I hope you find this list of resources helpful!

gluten and inflammation research

The decision to go gluten-free or the journey to figure out why someone is sick and what could be causing it is so extremely stressful. I remember crying as a 20-something as I passed a bakery and could smell the bread baking but I knew I couldn’t eat it. It’s hard to adhere to a strict diet when you don’t understand they “why” behind the decision. Maybe your doctor told you or your family member not to eat gluten for health reasons, maybe you or someone you know has been feeling bad and is trying to do research to figure out why, or maybe you’ve read just enough about gluten and how it can cause inflammation to want to dig deeper into the research. Hopefully, this list of research (which I will continue to add to) and facts helps you on your journey.

  1. Wheat Gluten Spurs Brain Inflammation
  2. The Connection Between Gluten and Arthritis
  3. The study evaluating the effect of probiotic supplementation on the mental status, inflammation, and intestinal barrier in major depressive disorder patients using gluten-free or gluten-containing diet (SANGUT study): a 12-week, randomized, double-blind, and placebo-controlled clinical study protocol.
  4. A study evaluating the bidirectional relationship between inflammatory bowel disease and self-reported non-celiac gluten sensitivity
  5. GlutenInflammation, and Neurodegeneration.
  6. Celiac disease, inflammation and oxidative damage: a nutrigenetic approach
  7. Role of Vitamin D in Celiac Disease and Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
  8. Atherosclerosis and cardiovascular involvement in celiac disease: the role of autoimmunity and inflammation
  9. The Role of Gluten in Gastrointestinal Disorders: A Review
  10. Gluten Intake Is Positively Associated with Plasma α2-Macroglobulin in Young Adults
  11. Gluten Triggers Brain Inflammation in Mice
  12. Emerging science on whole grain intake and inflammation
  13. Aryl hydrocarbon receptor ligand production by the gut microbiota is decreased in celiac disease leading to intestinal inflammation
  14. Effect of Gluten-Free Diet on Gut Microbiota Composition in Patients with Celiac Disease and Non-Celiac Gluten/Wheat Sensitivity
  15. Improvement of Inflammation and Pain after Three Months’ Exclusion Diet in Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients
  16. The dietary intake of wheat and other cereal grains and their role in inflammation
  17. Celiac Disease and Neurological Manifestations: From Gluten to Neuroinflammation
  18. Leaky Gut, Leaky Brain?
  19. Gut inflammation in CVID: causes and consequences.
  20. IL-15, gluten and HLA-DQ8 drive tissue destruction in coeliac disease.
  21. Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity and Protective Role of Dietary Polyphenols.
  22. Gluten consumption and inflammation affect the development of celiac disease in at-risk children
  23. ACG clinical guidelines: diagnosis and management of celiac disease.
  24. Gluten-free diet modulates inflammation in salivary glands and pancreatic islets
  25. The Gut Microbiota in Celiac Disease and probiotics.
  26. Efficacy of gluten-free diet in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.
  27. Probiotics, Prebiotics and Other Dietary Supplements for Gut Microbiota Modulation in Celiac Disease Patients
  28. Celiac disease, non-celiac gluten sensitivity and inflammatory bowel disease
  29. Celiac Disease and Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  30. Coeliac disease associated with psoriasis


I hope this list of gluten and inflammation research articles and studies is helpful. I will be updating it from time to time. If there is any specific research you are looking for and think would be helpful, please let me know. The research is quite conclusive- that for those with celiac disease or sensitivities gluten most definitely causes inflammation and that inflammation can manifest in the gut, the brain, the skin, and also other areas like the esophagus.

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