Fast Food with Gluten-Free Buns: The Ultimate Guide

This post is about fast food with gluten-free buns.

fast food with gluten free buns

It’s been over 20 years since I’ve had a glutinous bun. That’s right… over 20 years! I have to admit, I can still kind of remember what a McDonald’ bun tastes like and feels like and I’m going, to be honest… gluten-free buns just aren’t the same. However…. that’s OK. Living a gluten-free life should not be a constant game of finding the gluten-free “twins” of your favorite gluten-filled products. A better route is to just opt for naturally gluten-free foods. However… I totally get it, sometimes I just want a regular sandwich or burger and not a bowl or salad or lettuce wrap. Fast food with gluten-free buns is hard to find. I’ve put together a list for you of all of the fast food restaurants that I know of that offer a gluten-free bun or gluten-free bread. Hope this helps and enjoy!

Where to find fast food with gluten free buns or bread:


Recipes and ingredients for restaurants are constantly changing so I always suggest calling ahead to make sure the restaurants above still carry gluten free and also have some in stock. I really enjoyed researching for this post because I found a few new places that offer gluten-free buns and tonight the fam and I actually hopped in the car and went to Jersey Mikes for subs because I didn’t know they had gluten-free rolls until tonight. They were Udi’s brand and SO good! If you learn of another fast-food restaurant that offers gluten-free buns, please let me know so I can update this list.

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