The Best Natural Remedy for Forehead Wrinkles

This post is about the best natural remedy for forehead wrinkles.

Best Natural Remedy for Forehead Wrinkles

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Forehead wrinkles, often associated with expressions and the natural aging process, are lines that appear horizontally across the forehead. While they are a normal part of aging, factors such as sun exposure, dehydration, and repetitive facial movements can contribute to their development. Instead of viewing these lines as flaws, let’s consider them as markers of a life rich in expressions! Having said that, you wouldn’t have started reading this post if you weren’t serious about lessening or removing your forehead wrinkles. I’m going to keep this post short and sweet and only share with you the #1 best natural remedy for forehead wrinkles.

The Absolute Best Natural Remedy for Forehead Wrinkles:

Frownies Facial Patches for the Forehead

Frownies have been around for over 130 years!!!!! Insane, right? They were invented by Margaret Krosen in 1889 for her daughter who was a model and concert pianist. She used unbleached kraft paper with a natural plant-based adhesive on the back to form a splint over the forehead muscles that kept the muscles and skin from moving. When you wear Frownies overnight, that’s 8ish hours or more of your muscles on your forehead not moving and your skin not creasing in your wrinkle spots. This not only allows your furrows to heal and collagen to build but more importantly it works to re-train those muscles.

I have been wearing Frownies every night for the past 4 months and it blows my mind how well they work. At first, I would take them off in the morning and see amazing results but those results would fade throughout the day as I started making my forehead scrunching expressions again. As time went on, those muscles stopped remembering the contractions and expressions and my face found ways to be expressive without wrinkling my forehead. I started seeing results that lasted throughout the day around the two-month mark.

deep forehead wrinkles before and after

It’s really important if you want to see long-term results that you wear them every night and don’t give up. I did feel discouraged now and then at the beginning when my results would wear off but I can’t tell you how great it feels to get to the end of a day and my forehead still looks smooth.

Frownies carries two types of facial patches, ones labeled for use on the forehead and ones labeled for use on the mouth and eyes. It does not matter at all which ones you get, they are the same thing but in different shapes. I love having some of both to try different patterns out in the application. They are easy to apply, you just wet the side with adhesive and then once they start to curl and get tacky you press them on your skin, over the wrinkle area, and hold them there for a few seconds until they stick, then you add another piece, and another until you have adequately covered the forehead. It takes about 4 full patches for me to do this. After they are all on I will usually spray them with the Frownies Rosewater Hydrator (or you can just use water) on the corners where they might need to stick better, this breaks down the paper a little and allows you to smooth them out over the forehead and form a great cast.

In the morning you just pat them with more water or you can exercise with them and sweat them off. You can use any of your normal skincare products as usual with Frownies, I just suggest waiting about 30 minutes after using face oils to apply them so they stick well. I have had no issues, as long as I wait for my face oil to absorb. If you should. have any issues at all with the application, the Frownies team is very kind and attentive.

Conclusion: Best Natural Remedy for Forehead Wrinkles

There you have it, the absolutely best natural remedy for forehead wrinkles, in my opinion is Frownies Forehead Patches. I wrote this post with absolute confidence in this product and that it will work for you if you just give it a few months of nightly use to work. If you’d like to explore other awesome natural products and things you can do to help with your forehead wrinkles you can check out some of my other posts (below) I’ve written on the subject.

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