Unmasking the Truth: Are Frownies Reusable?

Are Frownies reusable is the topic of this post. We will be focusing on the Frownies facial patches only in this article.

are frownies reusable

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If you are wondering if Frownies are reusable then it’s likely that you are either researching Frownies and considering trying them for the first time or you already use Frownies and you want to know if you can get a little more life of the beloved facial patches. Having said that, you probably already know all about Frownies, the wonder facial patch that is a Botox alternative and has been around since 1889. Let’s skip to the good stuff…

Are Frownies Designed to be Reusable?

I’ll cut to the chase, nope. Unlike their Cactus Under Eye Gels or the Neck Mask with Apple Stem Cell Serum, which are designed to be reusable a few times, the Frownies Facial Patches are not designed to be re-used. “Can you reuse Frownies?” is a totally different question than “Are Frownies DESIGNED to be reused?” though (wink)…

What Do the Instructions on the Packaging for the Frownies Facial Patches Say?

  • Separate and smooth the wrinkle or crease.
  • Moisten patches on the shiny side with Rose Water Hydrator.
  • Apply moistened Facial Patches over the smoothed line.
  • Leave on for at least 3 hours, preferably overnight.
  • Remove the patch by wetting it thoroughly to release the adhesive.
  • Treat the area and face with Frownies moisturizer before and after patching.

So… no mention of any re-use if you’re wondering “Can you reuse frownies”.

In Reality, Are Frownies Reusable?

Although Frownies Facial Patches were not made to be reusable, I can tell you, as an avid Frownies user that they definitely can be reused. I kind of hate to say this because I don’t want to advocate for misuse of a product but I re-use my Frownies about 2x so that I’m getting around 2-3 nights of use from one cast. Here are some tips if you want to try re-using your Frownies Facial Patches:

  • You might not want to do the “sweat it off” method of taking your Frownies off in the morning. This method (where you basically workout and sweat so that the Frownies naturally loosen as your face gets sweaty) keeps the adhesive from being as strong for an additional use and I also think maybe it’s less sanitary this way… like there’s likely now bacteria on your patch which would be bad for people with acne prone skin (I don’t have acne prone skin and I also haven’t had this issue from re-use).
  • On the first night of use, you will form your “cast”. The next morning, remove your cast as one large piece and set it aside somewhere where it won’t get dirty or wet.
  • On the second and third nights, wet the cast on the adhesive side with either the Rose Water Hydrator spray or with water from the faucet.
  • After applying the re-used Frownies cast, put some water on top of the cast around the corners or wherever they want to curl up or not stick. Hold in place with your hands until they dry better.
  • Know when to call it quits. Don’t expect to wear them for days on end and have them work the same as night ones.
  • Facial oils (and sweating) might cause the Frownies to not be reusable. I stopped using facial oil as my final skincare step in the evening and instead only apply it in the morning and I use the Frownies Moisturizer at night.

What you need to know about re-using Frownies:

  • They will not stick on the second or third night the same as the first night.
  • They will not work as well the second or third night as if you used fresh new patches every day. If you need to pinch the pennies, remember that it is your choice to go against the instructions and so it’s not fair to expect the Frownies to work as well as if they were new.
  • If you have the money, just buy enough so you don’t have to reuse them. Save the re-using for desperate times.
  • As I mentioned before, there’s a chance this is not awesome for your skin when it comes to bacteria or possible breakouts. I haven’t had this happen to me but it makes sense that it might to someone. If it does- then just stop reusing them as it will not be worth it.

My Before and After Pic From Wearing Frownies (and reusing them)

deep forehead wrinkles before and after

Conclusion: Can you reuse Frownies?

Frownies Facial Patches were not meant to be re-used but, I know what it’s like to be broke and need to pinch pennies. I have been able to make a box of my Facial Patches last 2X-3X longer because I’ve figured out how to reuse them. They do not stick as well on the 2nd and 3rd night of use so I will have slightly more lines/less smoothness around the perimeter of the cast after nights 2 and 3 but the results are still MUCH better than if I ran out of Frownies Facial Patches and had to wait to re-order because of a tight budget. Here’s a link to my test, entitled “Can you resuse Frownies?” to see how many wears I got out of my Frownies patches on my forehead.

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