Every Fandelier I’ve Ever Loved… The Ultimate List of Fandeliers

This post is all about every fandelier I’ve ever loved. I’ve shared a lot about fandeliers in the past but here you’ll find every fandelier I give my personal stamp of approval to.


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Oh fandelier, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

  • I love thee for the way you circulate air in my house and allow my family to breathe more oxygen-rich fresh air.
  •  I love thee for the way you lower humidity in my home and prevent mold from growing. I love thee for the way you keep rooms cool in the summer and everyone cozy but fresh at night.
  •  I love thee for the way you don’t collect dust in spaces I can’t clean (like my old traditional ceiling fans).
  •  I love thee because you are so darn gorgeous and don’t look anything like the old traditional ceiling fans that I do not love at all.
  •  I love thee because you reduce the risk of breathing in too much C02 or any VOCs because of stagnant air.

I’m not the only one who thinks fans and air circulation are an amazing idea. Check out Michael Rubino’s article on lowering the humidity in the home (Points 2 & 11 refer specifically to the use of fans to reduce humidity & increase airflow).

This article by Hoffman Electric explains how you can lower your electric bill with the use of fans by raising your HVAC temp by 5 degrees and then using a fan (only in the room you are currently in) to cool you.

Here’s my question: If a fandelier is as beautiful (or really close to it) as a regular lighting fixture, the price is comparable, AND it also makes your home healthier and has the potential of lowering your electric bill (if used correctly) then why in the heck not?

EEHTITH Boho Ceiling Fans with Lights Flush Mount,20 Inch Caged Low Profile Ceiling Fan, Bladeless Ceiling Fan with Light, Rattan Enclosed Ceiling Fan with Light for Bedroom Kitchen Dining Room

There you go! Every fandelier I’ve ever loved. These models were chosen based solely on their aesthetic appeal. You can read more about what to look for in a fandelier and why you need one here. The main thing to consider is how important quality and special functions (like dimmable lights) are to you. As with most products, you’ll find the lower priced fandeliers are often made out of less durable materials and have fewer functions. The one function I would definitely want in most rooms would be the option to dim the lights as I’ve read a lot of reviews from cheaper models where people said the light on the fandelier was too bright.

I hope you’ve enjoyed browsing my favorite fandelier options of all time!

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