The Best Crunchy Mom Gifts of 2024

THis post shares the best crunchy mom gifts of 2024

crunchy mom gifts

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Before we begin, let me encourage you… don’t be afraid of not getting the perfect gift for your crunchy mom friend. It’s the thought that counts and you’re obviously putting thought and effort into this crunchy momma in your life if you’re here reading this post.

Let’s jump right in!

What is a “Crunchy Mom” anyway?

I personally don’t like restrictive stereotypes and labels but it is what it is… What is a crunchy mom? Crunchy is a term used to describe a a person who embraces a natural and holistic approach to life. For some, being crunchy might look like not washing their hair with shampoo and only wearing second hand clothing but for others it might look like nontoxic makeup and clean eating and exercise… Crunchy moms often tend towards breast feeding over bottle feeding, natural or home child birth, co-sleeping, and attachment parenting. There’s definitely a spectrum and it’s all very subjective and personal. Some crunchies care more about the environment and sustainability while others are focused more on personal health. There’s a ton of overlap but when gift giving, it’s helpful to know where the crunchy mom in your life focuses.

I fall into the category of focusing mainly and primarily on personal/family health. I believe there are some things that are done in the name of sustainability and protecting the environment (like recycled playground flooring materials and other items made from recycled goods) that can be very toxic to our health and it is in those instances where I might choose the option that focuses more on personal health/toxicity.

Gift Guide for Every Occasion: From New Baby to Everyday Celebrations

This gift guide is designed to offer great options for every occasion, whether it’s for a new mama in the first days with her baby or just to celebrate the time of year. Explore a range of products from natural living essentials to eco-friendly gadgets that make the perfect way to show appreciation and love for the crunchy mom in your life.

Great Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day and Beyond

For those seeking great gift ideas, especially for Mother’s Day, consider products with natural ingredients. This gift guide is full of great options that honor natural living and are perfect for crunchy moms. From eco-friendly gifts to items perfect for a new mom gift, these suggestions are thoughtfully chosen for their alignment with a natural and holistic lifestyle.

Celebrating New Mothers: Gift Ideas for the First Days with a New Baby

Welcoming a new baby is a special time for any mother, and what better way to celebrate than with gifts that align with natural mamas’ values? Consider homemade gifts made from natural products or a visit to a local garden center for eco-friendly options. These are great ways to support a new mother and celebrate her new status quo.

Eco-Friendly Gifts for Sustainable Living

For crunchy moms who appreciate eco-friendly gifts, consider options like a sourdough starter kit, perfect for making natural, homemade bread. Or, for those with little hands to entertain, a trip to the local nursery or farmer’s markets can be a delightful way to spend time and introduce them to the joys of growing their own vegetables.

I will be dividing the gift ideas into the following categories:

  • Health & Wellness
  • Sustainable Living
  • Natural Parenting of Littles
  • Self Care and Relaxation

The Best Crunchy Mom Gifts

Makeup & Beauty Centered Gifts

Food & Beverage Centered Gifts

Wellness Centered Crunchy Mom Gifts

Baby & Toddler Centered Crunchy Mom Gifts

This post is about crunchy mom gifts.

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