The Best Gold Fandelier Ceiling Fan for Every Room

This post is about the best gold fandelier for every room in your house.

gold fandelier

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The gold fandelier is not just a light fixture; it’s a blend of opulence and function, offering the finest luxury lighting for every space in your home.

With its remote control operation, retractable blades, and silent motor, a gold fandelier is the perfect match for any room’s aesthetic and functional needs. Two elements that every room in our homes needs are lighting and good ventilation/airflow.

 With the invention of the fandelier, we can have both of these in one device. There’s no need to sacrifice beauty or function with a gold fandelier. Each room in our homes has a different function and tone and is on a different scale.

For instance, fabric drum shades aren’t always the best choice for kitchens where food can sometimes splatter and there are cooking oils that can easily stain. In addition, a child’s room is likely going to be smaller in size than the living room or the parent’s bedroom and thus calls for a gold fandelier smaller in size.

One thing I love about gold is that gold is basically a neutral that blends with almost any room decor and paint color.

There are so many GORGEOUS gold fandelier models out there but I’ve done the work to categorize them by room to help cut your research down a bit. Of course, you don’t have to take my suggestions- each of these options could certainly be placed anywhere in the home!

My Gold Fandelier Suggestions By Room: 

1. Bedoom

Your bedroom should be a reflection of you and also a haven for rest and comfort. Bedrooms can be a good space to either go all out with a statement piece or to choose a fandelier that is beautiful but blends in with the ambiance more.

For the bedroom, consider a crystal chandelier fan or a modern ceiling fan that combines energy-saving features with luxury. Look for models with a remote set, allowing you to control fan speeds and light color from the comfort of your bed.

The finest materials ensure silent operation for a peaceful sleep environment.

Here are a few gold fandelier options for the bedroom that I personally like:

Fanimation Fans Kerring – 38W 10 LED Fandelier

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Savoy House Astoria LED Fan D’Lier In Bohemian


Laussat Ceiling Fan

2. Living Room

The living room is often the focal point of a house a fashion-forward chandelier fan can become a main fixture. It is where families gather to relax and where they often entertain guests.

Placing a gold fandelier in your living room allows it to become a statement piece. Living rooms are often larger in size than other rooms so I’ve included some of the largest models in this post.

Opt for a fandelier with a reversible function and ceiling fan light kits for versatility. Models with acrylic blades and a low-profile design maintain a modern look while providing cool wind.

Here are a few of my favorite gold fandelier options for the living room: 

Bailey Street Home Bohemian Design Fan in Gold Patina Finish 

gold fandelier

Everly Quin Fandelier

gold fandelier
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3. Children’s Room Gold Fandelier Options

Children’s bedrooms or playrooms are often smaller and are a place where you can play with design a bit more. You can let things blend, make a statement, or go for a more whimsical design.

As a mom of 5, I’m always thinking about how easily my boys could break a fixture and how easy it will be to clean.

For a child’s room, prioritize safety and functionality. A bladeless ceiling fan or a caged ceiling fan can be a smart choice, offering the right size of chandelier and safety for active spaces.

Look for features like a timer setting and different modes to adapt to changing needs.

Here are a few of my favorite choices for a child’s room. 

Oceano Bladeless Fandelier From Todays Fans


Bailey Street Home Classic Cage Frame 3-Blade Ceiling Fan

gold fandelier

4. Dining Room Gold Fandelier Options

When it comes to creating a warm and cozy atmosphere for family dinners or special occasions, lighting is key in the dining room. The great thing about using a fandelier in your dining room is that you can turn the fan function off and on.

I prefer to have it off while eating so that it doesn’t make the food you’ve worked so hard to cook cold but then, after everyone is done and has left the room you can turn it on and it will help circulate out any food smell and overall freshen up the room. In dining rooms, choose a gold ceiling fan that complements the room length and width. Consider a crystal ceiling fan or a fan with an extended rod for higher ceilings.

The appropriate size chandelier enhances the dining experience, while the light tones set the mood.

Here are a few gold fandelier options that I think work best in a dining room:

Bailey Street Home Cow Isaf Fandelier In Coastal Style

gold fandelier

Maxim Lighting Odeon

gold fandelier

5. Kitchen

The kitchen, often the hub of the house, benefits from a functional ceiling fan that manages food odors and provides sufficient lighting. Look for a fandelier with easy-to-clean fan blades and adjustable light color temperature.

A low-profile ceiling fan or a ceiling fan with a short rod works well in kitchens with limited ceiling height. Having a fandelier in the kitchen allows you to more easily clear food odor.

Also, does anyone else burn bacon or popcorn from time to time and have to open windows? Imagine how nice it would be to just turn on the fan function of the fandelier. With a fandelier you don’t have to sacrifice the beauty of the lighting fixtures in your kitchen. 

Here are my top pics for a gold fandelier in the kitchen: 

Savoy House Ventari Fandelier

gold fandelier

Special Features for Every Fandelier

Our carefully curated luxury assortment includes fandeliers with special features like color changes, wind speed adjustments, and energy-efficient LED lighting. Whether you’re looking for the right size of hallway chandelier or a statement piece for an open foyer, our selection offers a variety of options.

Remote Control and Adjustability

Each fandelier comes with a remote control for convenient adjustments. Choose from models with a lampshade diameter that suits your room size, or select a fandelier with an extended rod for high ceilings. The light fixture options range from warm white to white light, ensuring you find the perfect ambiance for your space.

Seasonal Adaptability

Many models offer a reversible function, making them ideal for both warm and cold weather. During summer, enjoy a refreshing breeze with the cool wind setting, and in winter, reverse the direction for warm circulation.

Ordering Your Fandelier

Placing your fandelier order is just the beginning. Our easy steps guide you through choosing the appropriate chandelier size, determining the hanging height, and selecting the right diameter of a round chandelier. For rooms like the study or living space, a crystal chandelier fan adds sophistication, while a modern ceiling fan suits a more contemporary aesthetic.


There you have it- a few amazing gold fandelier options for each room of the house. Gold is my personal favorite neutral finish because of the warmth and sophistication it brings to any room.

I also think gold complements so many of the more high-end paint colors used today as well as elements like wood and leather and natural stone. If you have any fandeliers you think you should be added to this list, reach out and let me know!

This post was all about the best gold fandelier options for rooms in your home. 

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