Can You Buy Frownies At Sephora?

This post is about Frownies at Sephora.

frownies sephora

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If you’re you are like me and have some wrinkles here and there (or everywhere) and you are looking for natural, effective solutions to combat aging, Frownies is a brand that you should definitely check out. They have an extremely loyal following and that is because, in an age of hype and marketing schemes, Frownies is a brand and product that actually works.

Get this, Frownies has been around since 1889. Name 10 brands that can claim that longevity! As a family-run business, Frownies has always been about family, integrity, and results.

You would imagine that such a proven product would be flying off the shelves at Sephora’s worldwide but for whatever reason Frownies Sephora is not yet a reality. This family business has chosen to retail mostly at Mom & Pop type apothecaries and health stores.

However, I recommend purchasing them always directly from because that ensures you’re getting the freshest of products and you can also take advantage of their sales and their rewards program.

If I were not going to buy them directly from Frownies then you can also get them from Amazon– just make sure you get them from the actual Frownies Amazon store and also, please know that the shipping time when you buy them from Amazon is the same as if you buy them from BUT when you buy them from Amazon, Frownies, a woman owned, family business makes a lot less from the sale and Amazon takes a chunk of their profits. I personally would rather 100% of the money I spend go to the 130+ year old family-owned business than big business.

Also…Sephora, if you’re listening- the people want you to carry Frownies!

This post was about Frownies Sephora: a wish that many have but that is not at this time at a reality.

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